Report Summary

The Blue River continues to produce some great fish now that the dam work is complete. Flows have settled in just under 200 CFS as they have now disconnected the top siphon system and are sending all water through the bottom of the dam. This means it’s a mysis shrimp bonanza in town. Word is definitely out about the good fishing though, so be prepared for plenty of company. Be courteous to your fellow anglers and try to give folks a little space or a high five.There’s plenty of open water to go around. We’re pulling plenty of larger fish, and some extremely colorful browns.

Your starting lineup should include some type of mysis in the mix, like the Minute Mysis, BTS Mysis, Charlie’s Mysis etc. We’ve had best success on sizes 16-18. Other small midges are also finding fish such as Pure Midge Larva in red and cream, Black RS-2’s in #22, #22 Chocolate Emergers, #18 Two Bit Hooker, #20 Rainbow Warrior, and #22 UV Emergers.

Just a note that we’re seeing plenty of beat up fish (notice how one of these is missing a pectoral fin). Just a reminder to pinch those barbs or use barbless hooks, slowly lift your flies at the end of the drift to minimize snags, and keep them in or just above the water. With the potential of high caliber fish in the Blue, we also recommend to have a large, rubber material net to safely control the fish during hook removal. Go have fun!

Blue-River-2-5-2015-1 Blue-River-2-5-2015-2 Blue-River-2-5-2015-3

Reported By: Front Range AnglersArray
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