Report Summary

Fresh reports on Boulder Creek from several FRA Guides.

Antonio –  “The Creek is still at a perfect level if you stay above Four Mile Canyon and still but continues to be very cold.The fishing was very good all morning with nymphs. PT (sizes 14 and 16) and price nymphs. Smaller sizes  arestill producing most of the fish.

Wallace“The water is coming down some.  My assessment of a “false runoff” appears to be correct. However, the real runoff is not far away. For now, dry dropper is effective.  Smaller beadheads trailed behind your favorite attractor are producing fish.  Try nymphing a deeper slot or run to find some bigger fish.”

George – “The color has come down a bit in the creek, though still tinted. Between 4 mile and boulder falls you will find the best water. The current flow and slight tint of the water is great for fishing. Hit the slower pockets and even some of the faster riffle runs for success. Dry dropper rigs with a small to medium sized terrestrial on top and pheasant tails, caddis pupa, and hares (#14-18) ear’s below.”

Reported By: Front Range AnglersArray
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