Report Summary

Today we headed up to Boulder Creek and had a decent day. The flows below the falls were about 210 according to the station but it seemed way higher. But clarity was pretty good below the falls, about 2 – 3 feet. Above the falls the flows were still high but manageable with Crystal clear water.

We started above the falls in the morning and found the fish sitting in deep and slow back eddies. They were willing to rise to dries such as chubby(16), pmd(12-14), and parachute Adams(14-16). Working nymphs were primarily brown pellets(16) and Frenchies(16).
Then we went below the falls and had some better success on hookups, fish were in the deep in slow pools and along the banks in the shallows. We had fish caught on blow torches(16), jigged hares ear(14-16) and squirmy(14). We dropped the nymph 24 inches below the dry fly.
Reported By: Randy HannerArray
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