Report Summary

With Fall in the air we headed up to Boulder Canyon and fished some areas of the lower canyon. We started off with a simple dry dropper and immediately found some success.

Size 14 hoppers and crickets received quite a few looks and a few takers by some bigger fish. The real action started when we noticed some big stone fly exoskeletons on rocks beside the river.

We switched over to a size 12 black pat’s rubber legs and got some big hits. The strikes came mostly from fishing the deeper pools where the fish were hiding from the sun.

Afterwards we moved into town and got quite a few hits on the same pat’s rubber legs. We even got a huge hit when a fish came out and torpedoed our orange strike indicator.

Overall with the thinning clear water fish were still pretty active on the surface and below. Size 6x tippet and leader helped a lot and shorter dropper rigs proved to be the most successful.

Reported By: Front Range AnglersArray
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