Report Summary

Boulder Creek has started to become a tricky spot to fish due to the water levels dropping and being crystal clear. But even with that we went into the Canyon and had a pretty good day. Upon arriving at our first stop we rigged up for a dry dropper with a baby grass hopper (size 14) and a size 14 pats rubber legs. We received a few looks at the grasshopper for the first hour or so without any takes but man did we get some really nice hits and hook ups on that pats rubber legs!

The fish were hanging out more towards the bottom of the faster currents since the water was so clear and the sun was bright. But using that pats rubber legs we were able to get those fish to eat.

As we worked our way further up the canyon, I noticed that there were some pretty big stone fly shucks on the rocks around us and made the courageous decision to throw on a size 8 stimulator. And believe it or not we got our first dry fly strike on the first cast. It ended up being a 10 inch brown but that was not the last look or strike that we got from fish. We ended up hooking up on a 16 inch brown and a 18 inch rainbow on this stimulator. So do not be afraid to try some outrageous sizes, they just might pay off.

Towards the end of the trip we fished by the library and had minimal luck. We tried all the flies we used up in the canyon and did not even get a look. But there was some movement towards squirmies and san juan worms. But they would turn away at the last minute dues to the size of the fly. Once you start going smaller the takes become more frequent. But that being said we hooked into a nice 18-20 inch fish with a size 12, 20 incher.

Stick with the usual hippie stompers and stonefly patterns for dries but using some smaller sizes in the morning and early afternoon. Once the evening comes around the fish might be more willing to take some bigger flies. Nymph-wise go smaller as well, 18-24. The fish were more inclined to move towards the flies when they got smaller.

Reported By: Front Range AnglersArray
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