Fly Tyers Choice

If you missed out on Rob Kolanda’s Tying demo this Saturday, here is one of his favorite patterns for this time of year. This pattern was developed by Rob during his time guiding the Frying Pan River, but it works equally well on any of the tail waters where Mysis Shirmp are present, such as the Blue River and the Taylor River. This pattern has been responsible for catching many large fish over the years, and is a very productive fly to throw on a nymph rig in those rivers this time of the year.

Here is a Recipe for the Fly as well as some instructions for tying:


  • Hook: Tiemco 106 size 14-20rob pan
  • Thread: White 8/0 Uni-Thread
  • Feelers: White Fluoro Fiber
  • Body:White Thread
  • Dubbing: White STS Trilobal Dubbing
  • Eyes:Black Small Vinyl Rib


  1. Make a thread base for the body
  2. Tie in Fluoro Fibers at the base of the hook and then trim so that fibers are one hook shank length past the bend of the hook. make sure these fibers extend a bit past the hook eye as well.
  3. Tie in vinyl using a figure eight on top of the hook shank near the bend of the hook and trim close. These will be the black eyes of the mysis.
  4.  Dub the STS around body and brush down toward the hook point.
  5. Apply softex or Epoxy to the fly top and fibers

The live Mysis coming from the lakes are often very clear, and then slowly turn more white downstream from the dam as they die off. This pattern depending on how it is tied, does a good job of representing both.If you dont tie your own flies, feel free to come by the shop and pick a few of these up for your next trip to one of the tail waters that contain Mysis Shrimp.