Fly Tying #10 ……Must Have Tools

Can You do without these tools?  Yes, but why be miserable when relief is available.

1.  Dubbing Spinner w/ 3 attachments.  If you use a lot of dubbing loops this makes it super easy….$15.00

2.  Our newest hackle pliers from Bob Jorgensen.  Controlling extremely small and fragile hackles is a breeze with these new pliers….$16.00

3.  Loop Clamps are used to separate 2 different materials in a split thread dubbing loop or when creating extra long dubbing loops…..$7.00

4.  MP Dubbing Needle which is the ultimate tool for splitting flat thread in smaller sizes to create dubbing loops. Eliminates major flustration when trying to use a standard bodkin to accomplish the same task…..$14.00

5.  Extra long whip finisher.  This tool is incredibly handy when tying off materials near the back of larger flies.  Sure you can do it by hand but this offers a far neater and faster result…..$5.00

6.  Swiss ring pliers are the absolute best tool for handling wire wraps since the serrated jaws firmly grasp any diameter wire….$2.50