Fly Tying #7 …..two great options for adding flash

For the last year or so we’ve been carrying these two options for adding flash to a fly.  Each one has particular advantages.  Ice Wing Fiber is very fine flash (an ice dub) in long lengths which are easy to handle by simply pulling a small pinch from the bag (far easier tan dealing with hanks of similar materials).  You can easily mix the colors to suit your taste (my preference over buying premixed hanks).  You can chop it up and mix it into dubbing brushes or dubbing loops. 

The Baitfish Emulator is a mix of thick and thin shimmering mylar fibers that can be bunched together to for any part of the fly or simply applied like a hackle.  In addition you can cut the fibers off the braid and place them in a dubbing loop.  Using the later approach allow you to form all kinds of heads and bodies.  See Mr. T below which is my go to pattern for Colorado Wipers

Thread: Danville 210 Flymaster Plus in olive and UTC Ultra 140 white.  Use the former to tie in the bead chain eyes, the olive top wing, and to whip finish.
Hook: TMC 8089 size 12
Eyes:  Bead chain size medium secured with super glue and topped with Tuffleye, an epoxy alternative, or epoxy.
Core Body: Saltwater Yak Hair in White plus 1/2 dozen strains of Ice Wing tied in behind the eyes.  White bucktail can be used in place of the Yak which can be hard to find.
Outer Body:  Baitfish Emulator Flash in Grey Ghost placed in a split thread dubbing loop and tied off behind the eyes. On the bottom the flash is trimmed flat and the sides are shaped
Wing:  Steve Farrar’s Flash Blend in wild olive or color to suit.  This other synthetic wing material may be used with or without flash.