Fly Tying #8….more flash!

The other day a fly tier stops by while I’m checking our tying materials.  He holds up a package of Hareline Cactus Hackle.  “What would I ever use this for!”  My response. “Do you fish saltwater or for large freshwater species like wipers, pike, or bass?

This exchange got me thinking about tying one of many patterns you can use this hackle with

The Goulart 
(originated by Capt Bryan Goulart out of NY…. naturally my rendition is a bit different)

Hook: Dai-Riki #930 Size 2
Thread: Monofiliment
Tail: Two white saddle hackles on each side
Body: XL Pearl Cactus Hackle
Eyes: Jurasic Eyes 6.0 mm from Montana Fly
Head: Tuffleye or Epoxy

Note:  This one was tied with a full body which can be thinned out by spacing-out the hackle wraps.