Fly Tying Update #3 ….Tools

We’ve got a lot of new tool options…..

1.  Ring Hackle Pliers with serrated jaws….absolutely great for wrapping hard to deal with materials.  Its my favorite tool for wrapping wire.
2.  Hair Snare which holds and positions various types of materials….very handy.
3.  Hook & Hackle Pliers
4.  Roto Dubbibng Twisters from Stonefo (split wire or y configuration) will make dubbing loops a breeze.
5.  Short and long spring hackle pliers from Stonefo.  These are terrific for handling delicate materials.  I’ve used the long version for 20 years to wrap peacock herls
6.  Light-weight ring hackle pliers are great for close work in wrapping biots and other materials.
7.  My favorite general purpose hackle pliers are Last.  These spin pliers are from Tiemco and are an excellent choice for handling any kind of feather.  They make it very easy to control the exact path of the wrap.