Fly Tying wtih Enrico Pulgulsi – Baitfish Fly for Roosterfish

Time well spent at the Vise with friends.

During a quiet Sunday morning at the Fly Fishing Show I had the pleasure to share a few minutes with Enrico Pulgulsi (epflies.com) and Jeff DeBrown of the Reel Baja. They were chatting about what the perfect baitfish pattern would be to catch Roosterfish off the beach in Baja. It was not long before Enrico started pulling out various colors of fibers as well as a few of his new Tarantula Dubbing Brushes and had a hook in the vise. In about fifteen minutes Jeff and I agreed that this fly was ready to be tied on a loop and cast into the surf.

This is a guy that gives it to you straight, nothing fishes like EP Fibers.

It was great to watch Enrico work his fibers just right. I have seen very few tiers pay as much attention to every thread wrap and positioning of each fibers as he did. Needless to say the fly turned out perfect and Jeff was confident that it would convert a follow into a take from the temperamental roosters down in the Baja.

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If you have never spent time tying with EP Fibers, pick up a few colors and try them out. You will notice how easy they are to tie with, but more importantly they give flies amazing movement in the water without soaking up too much water. Its easy to start using these fibers in everything from Baitfish, to small trout flies. The EP Fibers are a very versatile material that pays for themselves on the water. If your not a tier, we have a great selection of small trout streamers and big baitfish for toothy critters here in the shop.

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