FRA’s Weekend Fishing Forecast

The weekend is almost here and that means another weekend fishing forecast for you to help plan a day or two on the water.  The fishing has been good all over, and despite the higher water in some areas, many of our options are still fishable and fishing well. For this report, I have included Front Range staple fisheries, as well as some other Colorado river options that are doing well currently.

South Boulder Creek – 125 CFS –

Ideal flow, clear water, and active bugs have made for a fun last couple of days on SBC.  This should persist as long as the flows don’t spike dramatically.  Accessing at Walker Ranch Trailheaad or off of Gross Damn road is the best bet at this flow.  Up high stick to nymphing with smaller beadheads, midges, and BWO nymphs.  Down a little lower, you can nymph fish the deeper faster stuff, but don’t go to sleep on the edges and shallower water.  Fish spread out big time at 125 cfs and dry dropper can be lethal.  Look for sporadic BWO and midge hatches, and maybe even some caddis fluttering around.  Probably one of the better, close to home options right now for this weekend fishing.

Top Three Flies for SBC right now          Mini Fish 2

  1. San Juan Worm (tan)
  2. Midge Bomb
  3. BTS BWO nymph (olive & black flavors)

Boulder Creek – 300 CFS – and rising….

B.C. has come up big time in the past four days and continues to rise.  As I type, it is currently at 300 CFS, but this will change daily.  Keep an eye on the flows or call the shop for the most current data.  300 is fishable, but careful wading is a must.  Work the edges and soft pockets with dry dropper or nymph rigs.  Bigger bugs are in play and fish will be pushed into anything soft.

Top Three Flies for Boulder Creek right now

  1. Squirmy Worm
  2. Stone Bomb
  3. Egan’s Frenchie (Sz 14)

Big Thompson below Lake Estes- 135 CFS –

The Big T is stil holding in the low 125-135 world and this is great.  Look for hatches of BWO’s, Midges, and Caddis to all get stronger if the flow stays the same.  Nymphing, dry dropper, and dry fly fishing has been great.  Were progressing from nymphing in the morning to dry dropper in the early afternoon, to dry fly only in the late afternoon an evening.  This is currently one of the best options right now.

Top Three Flies for the T right nowMini Fish

  1. Egans’ GTI Caddis
  2. Rainbow Warrior
  3. Jigged Prince Nymph


Moraine has come up but still holding clarity okay.  Instead of Moraine and Cub I would look to Glacier Creek or Sprague Lake for park fishing.  Some of the lower lakes are starting to fish as well.  The park is always in play when runoff starts because we have options.  Weekend fishing here can sometimes see crowds, but there is still plenty of room to spread out.

Call us for flies here and tell us which stream or lake you plan on fishing. 

Bear Creek –

Running around 100cfs and runoff has not started here.  For those in Denver and Golden, this is your closest and best option.  A fun place to kill some time and the fishing here is fun.  Perfect 3 wt water.  Try dry dropper rigs with longer droppers and work all of the water.  Fish seem to be pretty spread about here.

Top Three Flies for Bear Creek Right now.

  1. North Fork Special
  2. Egan’s Iron Lotus
  3. Hippie Stomper (blk)

Other Good Options –

The Colorado River is starting to see Salmonflies in good numbers.  This hatch should get stronger and stronger.  Worth being on your radar if you are up for a longer day trip.  FRA is loaded to the kills on Stoneflies and Salmonflies so come by and load up on these big bugs before your adventure.  Ditch the light stuff and pick up some 3x leader and tippet as well.

Hayden Meadow on the Ark is high, around 550 CFS, but recent reports have this fishing well. 95% nymph fishing right now, but bigger stones, caddis larva, and worms are all picking up fish.

Cheesman Canyon and Deckers on the South Platte sit around 330 CFS.  This is a great flow.  Big fish are out and eating and the flow is still more than manageable here.  Eleven Mile Canyon has also been fishing very well.  The weekend fishing should be good at these three spots as the flows here most likely won’t change.

Class/Learning/Event Options

  • Want to learn some new tactics for higher water?  We have guide trips leaving daily and would love to get you out with us.  We still have a few guides available this weekend.
  • From 10-11am Saturday morning, we offer our FREE Orvis 101 class.  This is perfect for anyone looking into getting into fly-fishing.  No registration needed, just show up.
  • Our Sunday Intro Class for Sunday, June 5th is full, but we still have a few spots in the Sunday, June 12th class.  This 4 hours, comprehensive intro to fly fishing and casting clinic will surely help you have more success on the water.

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