Free Fishing Weekend in Colorado!

Fishing in Colorado is free this weekend, June 1&2 2013!

Did you know that Colorado residents and visitors can fish without a license during Free Fishing Weekend, this weekend, June 1 and 2?

Licensing requirements are set aside for these days to make it as easy as possible for kids and their families to discover the enjoyment of fishing in Colorado’s great outdoors. Although no fishing license is required this weekend, all other regulations remain in effect.

Front Range Anglers is making it easier for you to learn to fly fish as well! This Saturday (and every Saturday during the summer) you can come to the shop for a FREE one hour overview of fly fishing! We’ll start you off with 30 minutes of basic casting instruction, showing you the mechanics of the cast. From there we’ll move back into the shop and will go over the basic gear needed when starting out. We’ll cover rods & reels, waders & boots, and spend a few minutes on flies and leaders.

Fly fishing is one of those sports that can be very intimidating when starting out because of the numerous gear options and accessories, but in reality there are very few things you really need at the onset. We even rent gear so you can try it a few times before committing to buying your own gear!

As an added bonus, if you decide you want to learn more after going through our overview and sign up for a paid introduction class, casting lesson, or take a half-day guided trip, we’ll even give you $50 credit in the store!

So this weekend you have no excuse! You can get a FREE fly fishing lesson and then try out fishing for FREE as well! If you need some gear to try out, just let us know, we can hook you up!

Class times: Saturday at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.
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