Free Fly Tying Clinic ~ December 11, 2010

Front Range Anglers is pleased to announce that Ken Iwamasa will be conducting our clinic on December 11, 2010It’s difficult to chronicle the accomplishments of Ken Iwamasa due to so tremendous diversity of activities. Through his study of insects and interests in fly tying, his fly patterns were published in books by Dave Whitlock and in issues of Fly Fisherman magazine.   He has created numerous unique fly patterns and  published numerous articles in every fly fishing magazine you care to name.  He has made numerous contributions and/or had his work published in works by John Geriach, John Randolph,Ted Leeson , Todd Hoseman, and many others  He has served as a consultant to several river and lake  restoration projects in New York, Colorado and Utah.  Along with Peter Mullett, he has worked to establish eco- tourism (fly fishing tourism) in Mongolia  and has worked with Peter and Robert Behnke, noted trout and salmon expert, to promote taimen fishing trips to the Darhat Valley.  We could go on and on about his accomplishments but above all he’s an insightful and extremely accomplished fly fisherman.

Ken is going to talk about midges and their increasing importance to fly fishermen.  He will address in depth about their life cycles and stages most important to fishermen – better yet, how best to fish and imitate them.