From Missouri to Mexico.

So, I’ve been fishing a little. Here’s my story.

Went back home to Missouri to chase some crappie, bass, and muskie. It was our annual “Man Trip” that I’ve been absent from the past few years. In addition to fishing in generally shitty conditions, there is lots of food to eat, lots of beer and scotch to drink, and lots of poker to be played. This trip was no different.

The conditions were, to say the least, shitty. Pomme de Terre Lake was 15′ above power pool, and accompanied with thunder storms, high wind, and drastically dropping levels, the thought of launching a boat was risky, and the reality of catching many fish was low. But we managed. We launched, and fished three to a boat in uncomfortable conditions. I, at the bow managing the foot controlled trolling motor, was the only one of the three of us fly fishing. Rolling Clousers and hitting the tops of submersed trees was the name of the game for me. Short, accurate casts stripped quickly produced the biggest largemouth landed during our trip. That won me a dollar from each of the guys for biggest fish. I promptly lost those dollars in a scotch-induced game of chance later that evening.

Other fish that should receive attention during this excursion are the delicious crappie which were plucked from submersed brush, and the 4 foot muskie that took my Bellyache Minnow, then promptly shook it out and shot it like a bullet back at me. Well played, muskellunge.

A couple days following my Missouri trip, my wife and I traveled to Mexico for a much-needed tropical getaway. We found a quaint little ‘resort’ area 5 kilometers West of Punta Allen called Sol Caribe‘. Sol Caribe‘ is an amazing little place to get completely off the grid and unwind. It’s a short boat ride to Ascension Bay, which has amazing bonefish, permit, tarpon, and snook fishing.

Give me a shout if you want more info on Sol Caribe‘.

Anyhoo, once again we ran into non-favorable weather conditions. Extremely overcast and windy which prevented us from entering the bay for half our trip or spotting many fish when we were there. It did not, though, prevent us from enjoying margaritas and cervezas afterwards.

While we fished the bay, and the more-protected lagoon on the land side, we caught a few bones. “We” meaning me and my wife. Very cool when both members of the party hook up. Saw a few sharks, countless uninterested baracuda, and I had one shot at a permit. That about sums up our two days of guided fly fishing enjoyment.

Everyone fishing caught fish, which is a success in my book. One can’t be too picky when it comes to fishing trips. You’re away, fishing, drinking, and escaping reality. Don’t bitch that the fish numbers aren’t there. In my case, the numbers weren’t there, but my travels still kicked butt.

I’ve hit a couple more fishing holes since I’ve been back from Mexico, but I’ll save those for the next blog post.