Front Range Weekend Fishing Reports

We had a bunch of guides out this past weekend and here is a compiled list of their weekend fishing reports.

Boulder Creek-

Antonio- “The Creek above 4 Mile Canyon is up and has a stronger flow and remains a bit off color.Mornings are successful with nymph and dry dropper rigs, and afternoons have seen some caddis hatches that increase the takes on the surface!! Big dries seem to be more productive.  Big Chubby, caddis or BWO were the most productive flies.  Water level is getting higher but still fishing great! The impending spring run-off is showing some signs already.  For nymphs, try PT in several sizes and black  jigged caddis.  Make sure your dropper flies are getting down.”

George – “Creek is fishing great! It is a little more off color above 4 mile and below boulder falls, but fishing very well. Water is running so be VERY careful when wading. Dry dropper rigs have worked with a lot of success.  Running a chubby on top, or any nice buoyant dry fly will get the occasional take. Below Size 14-16 PT’s and caddis pupa have been working well. Faster riffles and deeper pockets have been fishing great, make sure you are getting the flies down to the bottom and you will pick up more fish.”

Nick D. – Fished Boulder Creek above Rogers Park. Slow early but picked up mid morning and continued through afternoon. Most fish were still in deep winter pockets but some in the faster runs. Copper ribbed RS-2, Sparkle Wing RS-2, Pink San Juan. Ended at Fine Park. Totally blown out but picked up 1 more on a purple squirmy.  Stay above 4 mile.  Everything below 4 mile is high, tough, and wading is dangerous.

Rocky Mountain National Park- Oh yeah! It is starting to fish!

Nick D. – Fished Moraine Park roughly mid morning until early afternoon. Slow in the morning until water temps warmed then fishing was very productive. Fish are still in winter pools but concentrated in numbers. Slow stealthy approach necessary. Caught fish on Purple worms, pink worms, north fork special (#14), mico eggs in white, yellow, and orange. Crowded from about noon on. Flows up from last week, no snow on the ground.

Big Thompson River –

Nick C. – We started our day at about 9 o’clock in the upper canyon of the Big T, within a few miles of the dam.  We got one chunky 9 inch brown on a poison tung at our first stop. At the next spot, we landed two nice little browns on a black zebra jujubee midge. We missed one more, but the fishing seemed to be picking up as the day warmed. Just before lunch, we stopped one bridge on canyon river rd. to see if any fish were rising, which there were, so we decided to fish. We caught one and lost another on a 18 black trailing shuck midge emerger up top. We went up to the meadows for lunch, and fished there the rest of the day. wtried a variety of attractor flies all afternoon but couldn’t find one that produced anything, while a super sparsely tied olive rs2 trailer landed us 3 nice little fish. There were risers here and there in the afternoon but nothing committed or even showed much interest in a dry fly.  We had to go very small in the meadow to get fish to commit.

nick c big t3    nick c big t4

nick c big t1

Overall, good weekend fishing and still time to get out before higher water hits us!