Getting Ready for Carp

A few weeks ago I ran across a carp/bass fly named the Hammerhead from Lan Anderson out of Indianapolis. From what I understand the fly was originally developed for large Great Lakes carp.

The double bead-chain eyes add an attractive rattle and the Glow-in-the-Dark Flashabou helps the fish see this fly even in murky water.  In addition, this type of Flasabou has a muted tint.  I’m not a fan of adding flash to carp flies but this seemed like a good idea.  The Hamerhead can also be adjusted while fishing –  The rubber legs, the flash and even the extra eyes can be trimmed off as needed.

The original tie (featured in the video below) large – Mustad R74, Size 4 (that’s a 4XL heavy streamer hook) with extra large eyes and a magnum rabbit-strip (1/4 inch) and .035 lead wire. 

I was intrigued by the fly and I wanted to tie a smaller and shorter version to use on our Front Range streams and lakes.

Recipe for the fly pictured above.

Thread:  Lagartun X-Strong Thread 95 – Black or Brown
Hook: Dai-Riki #730 Size 6 or any heavy 2X long heavy nymph hook
Eyes:  Bead chain eyes in a color to suit the tyer – size medium
Tail:  4 strands of white plus three strands of orange glow-in-the-dark Flashabou with 4 root beer colored crazy legs.
Weight: Lead .20 or .25 wire pushed up against the bead chain and secured with thread and superglue
Body: Crawfish orange rabbit strip palmered up the shank to the eyes. Ian recommends a regular rabbit strip opposed to crosscut.  The reason is the body will flare out and pulsate more.  I’ve tried both and I’m not convinced it makes that big a difference.  But I’ve yet to try the ultimate test – fishing the two approaches.
Head: black thread coated with Loon UV clear finish.