Giving Thanks for the Second Amendement

Over the break I was lucky enough to make my way back to Virginia for Thanksgiving. Besides the plethora of turkey, stuffing and potatoes, I was able to accent the meal with two beautiful ducks: a drake Woddie and a drake Mallard shot the day earlier on the South Fork of the Shenandoah River. Virginia is not renowned for its fly-way but with the cooler weather the migrations has started. Add that with the freezing of local ponds, it drives the birds to the rivers. An exciting method to hunt and the one employed to get these requires a partner and a canoe. The stern hunter paddles while the bow man shoots, providing an exhilarating way to duck hunt. Silently paddling towards a pod of wood ducks and preparing to shoot all while remaining camouflage is a difficult but rewarding way to hunt. It is also a more active way of duck hunting that will keep you warm on the frigid mornings.

With winter comes the possibility of not only fishing when the weather clears, but also at its worst, the opportunity to duck hunt. The worse the weather, the better the hunting or at least that seems to be the case. So if the snow and wind keep you off the river for fishing, do some research and try out the local fly-way for some duck shooting.
~Ed Hill