Grand Slam from Belize

FRA Customer Steve McLaughlin just got back from a week long trip down in Belize and came back just glowing. He just picked up a new set-up for the trip a Hardy ProAxis 7wt rod and a Ross F1 reel for the bones down there. Steve loved the new rod, but did not get to use it as much as he planned because he spent much of his time actually catching permit! I know that seeing these great fish in a tropical location make me super jealous. Especially when you consider that Boulder just got 2 feet of snow and we have another storm on the way, a saltwater flat has never looks so good. Congrats Steve on a great Grand Slam and all the fish that you landed on what looks like a great trip.

Grand Slam Recap

Permit ate a size 6 orange Christmas island.

Bone took a small gotcha, with my new rod and reel.


Here’s the tarpon taken on a cockroach.


Steve puts it best right here…
“All in all it was a 5 permit week,
Broke of 5 other poons…and caught as many bones as I could handle.
It was an epic trip and it could not have been more so!”

I would have to say that’s about as good as it gets.

Dreaming of the Salt,