Grand Slam in RMNP

Yesterday FRA guide Nick D. and his client had an epic day in RMNP, completing the elusive Grand Slam.  As water begins to rise on many Front  Range waters, the Park should continue to fish.  Some of these rivers will blow out eventually, but many will fish throughout run-off, assuming you use the right flies and tactics.  Hopefully these tips will help you complete your own early summer Grand Slam!!!

Grand Slam

Nice RMNP Brown

Moraine is on fire. Fish in riffles with water somewhat high but very clear.  As Moraine Park continues to climb in flow, look to the upper stretches to find better fishing.  The lower stuff will still fish as well, just focus on deep nymph rigs.  Worms, stones, leeches, and larger flies should all produce throughout the meadow. If your flies are getting into the right zone, you will find fish.  Look for deeper holding water, undercut’s, and shelves to be the most productive.  Throwing streamers against the bank and sweeping them under banks is also a good game-plan for Moraine.  The upper stuff should fish in the riffles and be a little clearer.  Similar fly selection for the upper stretches, but smaller, flashier beadheads would be in my arsenal as well.  Mainly browns, some bows, and the occasional brookie.

  • Top Three Flies for Moraine
    • Pink/Red San Juan
    • Black Buuger
    • Prince Nymph

Fall River fished good as well.  It is very low and clear, with spookier fish. Stealthy approach and longer, lighter leader set ups are needed.  Worms still produced, along with small pheasant tails, zebra midges, and smaller caddis larva.  The deeper stuff held more fish and was more productive.  As the water warms, this should change.

  • Top Three Flies for Fall River

    a little park bow

    • Pink/Red San Juan
    • Rainbow Warrior
    • Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail


Alluvial fan up to the falls was more challenging. Caught 3 in tiny pockets including 1 cutthroat.  This probably needs to wake up a little more before it is worth exploring.  Small ant patterns, small zebra midges, poison tungs, two bit hookers, should all do well.  Mainly fish on nymphs.  A purple haze in the pockets should also work well.

  • Top Three Flies for Alluvial Fan
    • Ants
    • Purple Haze
    • Two Bit Hooker


Glacier Creek very slow, fish in deep pools but really lethargic.  Glacier will generally run clear throughout a lot of run-off, even when the water starts


A colorful brookie

moving.  It can fish well at high water so it should be on your radar for the weekend and next couple of weeks.  Worms, rainbow warriors, tailwater tiny’s, beaded juju baetis are all go to flies for here.  Keep moving until you find fish and then hang around.  Fish will be pushed in the deeper pools and once the water comes up, on the edges.

  • Top Three Flies for Glacier Creek
    • Worms
    • Juju Baetis
    • Rainbow Warrior

The park can change dramatically day after day, but the good news is, it will almost always have fishing options during run-off.  Our professional guide staff would love to show you some of our favorite spots.  Give us a call or swing by the shop to set something up.

With this weekends weather forecast, both Saturday and Sunday in the low 70’s, the park should be a great option.  Who knows, maybe you will run into a grand slam yourself.  Go get wet!

Our high alpine lakes are only a few short weeks away as well.  These will provide endless opportunities when the rivers run high and off color.  The park has more options than one can count for high alpine exploration.  Sight fishing to cruising cutties is about as much fun as it gets.


a cutty to round out the grand slam!







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