Great day in February on the Poudre

A lazy Sunday here and there really pays off every now and then. Since the weather looked nice up in Fort Collins I figured I would head up and try the Poudre for a few hours. I hopped in my car around noon and got out on the water around one. The action was not great right off the bat, but the midges were thick and I figured that the fishing had to turn on at some point. So I kept fishing through likely water, picking up a few small fish here and there. Finally around three I felt the temperature warm up a few degrees and the fishing really turned on. I landed this fish around 3:45 as the light was getting low and the temperature started to drop again. The bite continued for another 30 mins before it just got too cold for me to want to get my hands wet again.

Super thick hatch, larger flies too more fish than really small match the hatch bugs.

This is the time of year where I don’t really worry about being the first one on the water. Its just nice to be out and fishing during the warmest part of the day. I picked up most of my fish on small light colored stone flies sized 12-16 paired with a variety of different midges ranging from size 18-22. I cant say enough good things about fighting big fish on a 10′ 2wt rod with light tippet. Its just too much fun!

Until the next time I get bent and feel lazy….