Great Hi-Vis Caddis Pattern

Occasionally, I come across a dry fly pattern that is truly impressive. Many different patterns catch fish, however, some are more functional than others. By functional I mean it sits correctly on the water, floats extremely well, has a good hook gap, and is durable. You may be wondering, “but does it catch fish?” If it does all of the above, then it should certainly catch fish. As a guide, I am immediately attracted to dry flies that are well visible and unsinkable. I am a believer in flies that can be fished hard without having to be be dried or constantly changed. This of course, maximizes fly time on the water. Kyle’s HFH Caddis pattern blew away my expectations when I started fishing it near the end of last season. Not only did it support a size 16 tungsten dropper while drifting through a turbulent pool, but fish love it! Unlike a stimulator or elk hair caddis, Kyle’s HFH Caddis sits low in the water giving it an very natural and unique look. This pattern has been producing very well in the last few weeks on Boulder Creek, the Big Thompson, and multiple waters in Rocky Mountain National Park. Rarely will I endorse a specific pattern, but a small, functional “fuss free” caddis dry fly has been a long time coming. A pattern of this quality has the ability to open up some tasty new options where some traditional patterns can fall short.