Great Mysis Shrip Pattern – Tying Demo

This has been a great winter to get out and attack some of Colorado’s famous tailwaters. The mysis tailwaters are best know for their big colorful fish, but they often times can be ultra selective on the Blue, Taylor and Fry Pan rivers. I have found that this is the best mysis pattern that I have fished yet. Some of the characteristics that I look for in a really good shrimp pattern are great translucency, long tails, black eyes, and they can’t fall apart after a few fish. This is what led me to start tying this pattern. Since beginning to tie it I have found that less is more, so the minute mysis was created. FRA stocks all the materials to tie up this great pattern so stop by.

Watch the video and see how quick and easy this is to tie.

I was up on the Pan last week and was able to sight cast to this fish. It took the Minute Mysis on the third cast with 6x tippet. I was out there testing out the new Sage ESN rods. They did a fabulous job protecting light tippet and the added length allowed for perfect drag free drifts.

Plucked from the flats on the Fry Pan in the middle of February.

Pick a weekend and get up to one of these great rivers!