Grey Reef Trip = Success

Thanks to all the anglers who took part in our Annual Grey Reef fishing trip this spring. I know I had a great time and from the looks of some of the photos so did everyone else! As per usual we did a day or two walk wading and on Sunday took a guided float with the guys over at Platte River Fly Shop.

Puttin fish in the boat, long leaders made it hard to land fish.

It was nice to get into the boats after wading the river at ~5000 cfs, needless to say wading was work fighting current, trying to land big fish in heavy current, and managing our line in the wind and in the water. Even in the face of adversity we all caught quality fish and some true pigs as well. The fish were in full on spawn mode so the egg, streamer, and worm produced the most fish consistently, but a variety of leeches, scuds, and beatis took fish.

I never had the chance to make it to the Mile, but reports made it sound like the streamer bite was full on. I did head into Freemont Canyon twice and at ~4000 cfs it was difficult to find some good water to really work. Below the damn at the Reef was the best spot to get into numbers of fish.

Think that fishing the full moon makes a difference? I think so, in a big way!

The evenings were spent sipping on whisky or beer at the local dive the Sunset Bar and Grill, the only good bar in Alcova, well really the only bar. Only one bad hangover, so I think that we did pretty good.

Cant wait to go back!

FRA is trying to put together a August Trip back to the Reef to hit the famed hopper hatch. During a high water year, boats put on ~25 river miles, throw double hoppers, and have 50 fish days. I still can imagine the pull of those bruisers up on the Reef as I type, cant wait to get back.