Guide Report: Dream Stream

I went to the Dream Steam Wednesday after hearing that the beasts have arrived. It’s a cool river, however, the crowds are insane. People from all over come to fish and give it their best shot at a trophy trout. Anyhow, I chose the coldest day to fish during the week thinking that the snow will keep the other anglers off the water. After my arrival, I was right. Snow blowing hard as hell and very few anglers on the water. Secondly, very few fish in the river as well. As a high of 25 degrees and 35 mile an hour winds kept other anglers off the river, it also kept the fish from being active. I went the first six hours with only one fish in hand which was a healthy cutbow. The last hour before dark was the hour of magic. There was a break in the clouds which periodically let the rays of sun through. The fish became more active and rising on small midges.  The last hour of light, I managed to land another 6 fish including gorgeous Snake River Cutthroats.  They were all landed on midges in a variety of colors.  By the end of the day, I was fishing a double midge rig. They may not be ten pounds, but their beauty and splendor make them the perfect trophy trout.

After my hard day, I asked myself, is a hard day of fishing better than a crowded day of good fishing? I like hard fishing. It’s more rewarding.  In all, hard work pays off as long as you don’t throw in the towel early.

*** As a reminder, if you see fish on a redd (a clean area of gravel, typically round, think of it as a nest) please leave them be. There are plenty of other fish to target that aren’t busy trying to fill the stream with more of the beauties that we all love. ***