Guide Trip Covid-19 Procedures

Pre Trip Booking

–  Q/A on the Clients expectations

– Where has the client been past 2-4 weeks- traveling, out of the country etc…

– Client health- any COVID-19 Symptoms?

-Inform clients they are required to wear a mask during the trip and recommend bringing gloves.

– Encourage them to bring their own water, bug spray, and sunscreen, but inform them that the guides will still have those items.

Client Expectations

– Keep social distancing during the trip

– Client will drive themselves from shop to fishing location

– They will be required to wear a mask and prefer to have gloves as well.

Guide Expectations

– Guides are required to use a face mask during the guide trip.

– Personal equipment will be sanitized before and after every trip to ensure client/guide safety.

– Eco friendly detergent to clean waders, boots, rod, reels, and other equipment before and after clients use it.

– Guides may take these spray bottles on their trips to sanitize gear before the clients touch it. (rod, reels, sunglasses, and other gear)

– We will still provide water, sunscreen, and bug spray, but encourage the client to bring their own.

– Guides will be required to carry hand sanitizer for themselves and their clients, always encourage your clients to bring their own.

Pre-Trip Communications

–  Call your clients prior to trip date.

– Decide on a meet time that either works with the other guide trips or with your clients.

– Reiterate they are required to bring a mask and should have some type of gloves.

– Encourage clients to buy their fishing license online and sign the waiver.

– Encourage them to bring their own water, sunscreen, and bug spray.

Meeting at the Shop

– When meeting your clients make sure to have your buff & gloves on; refrain from greeting with a handshake.

Upstairs restroom is for clients.

Guide Shed

– Chairs will be sanitized after your clients use them and before anyone else uses them.

During the Trip

– Guides and clients will drive separately to the fishing location

– Encourage and practice social distancing

– Refrain from standing right next to your client and use a 6 foot rule.

– Client’s safety is still priority number one, if they need help wading across the river, getting up or down ledges, falling in river, etc., you should help them.

– Lunches will still be provided by Great Harvest, but clients can bring their own if they feel more comfortable.

Post Trip Procedures

– After the trip, clean the rod and reels enough to store in the car until deeper cleaning can happen.

– When you receive cash tips try to store elsewhere until you can sanitize it.

– Eco friendly detergent in the guide shed to spray the waders and boots.

– Focus on cleaning the buckles, straps, zippers, pouches and other high touched areas.

-Flip the waders inside out and repeat the process.

– Your rod and reel should be thoroughly cleaned after the trip to ensure no transmission between each client and yourself.