Hail to the old man! Here’s 10+ Father’s Day Fly Fishing Gifts for 2013

Usually the hardest part about an upcoming Father’s Day is trying to figure out what you should get someone that you not only respect and enjoy spending time with, but has been there as life continued to throw you curve balls, offering sage advice and teaching valuable lessons. You’re trying to find that one perfect gift that says “Thank You!” If your father is a fly fisherman, then you’re in luck, because there is always something that a fly fisherman can use.

We’ve put together a handful of items that we think your father would find outstanding, and any one of which will propel you to the top of the “favorite” child list.

1. Front Range Anglers Gift Certificate ($25+) – While this may seem like a bit of a cop-out, it’s actually one of your best options, especially if your dad already has a lot of gear. Cards start at $25 and can go as high as you want! This will let dad pick out the perfect addition to his gear bag.

2. FRA Local Water Guides Choice Fly Selection ($24.95) – Our guides are on the water constantly and this selection of flies are their choice for the highest producing patterns for various rivers and creeks around the Front Range.
3. A New Master Series GPX Fly Line ($74.95) –  A new line can do wonders for an older rod and will make dad feel like he’s 25 again when he bombs a cast across the river. The GPX line is an excellent all-purpose line that will work great on most faster action rods.
4. Intro To Fly Fishing Class ($80) – Is dad a spin or bait fisherman, but hasn’t tried his hand at the art of fly fishing yet?  Open up new possibilities for him by sending him to a one day Intro to Fly Fishing Class. When he graduates he’ll have all the knowledge he needs to spend a day out on the water on his own!
5. Umpqua Deadline 3500 Wet-Dry Duffel ($159.99) –  The Umpqua Deadline 3500 is the perfect bag to get dad anywhere with all of his gear. It makes the perfect carry-on for the plane.
6. Costa Sunglasses ($169) – Make sure dad looks good wherever he goes, plus he’ll be wearing the best fishing glasses available wherever he ends up!
7. Renzetti Traveler 2300 Tying Vise ($199.95) – Does dad have a table with tying supplies hidden somewhere in the house? Then he probably would appreciate a new vise that he can take anywhere he travels to tie up that perfect pattern that the fish are keying in on!
8. Outcast Fish Cat Float Tube 4-LCS ($219) – Open up all kinds of new water for dad with a float tube! He can take it to the local bass pond or to a high mountain lake and have hours of fun out on the water.
9. Yeti Roadie Cooler ($229) -Just the perfect size to throw in the car for a weekend excursion, the Roadie will ensure everything stays ice cold for the whole time, just the way dad likes it!
10. A Guided day of Fly Fishing ($270) – We guarantee that dad will like this one! We’ll take him out to do the thing he loves the most, catch fish! Our premiere guides will make sure that at the end of the day he’ll not only have had a good time, but he’ll walk away with some new techniques and better skills to boot!
11. Titan Rod Vault ($449) – The perfect accessory for any anglers’ vehicle, this rod holder will let dad roll up to the river with his rods already strung up and ready to fish, so he can get that full half-hour in on his way home from work!
12. Mark Hopkins Bronze Sculpture ($795+) – Is dad one of those guys that seems to have everything? These one of a kind sculptures will look great in the den or next to dad’s tying table!