Hardy Zenith Fly Rod Review

FRA Guide George Gummerman:
“I recently acquired this new rig the 9’6” 7wt Hardy Zenith and Hardy Ultralight DD Reel. My first impressions of the rod while casting in the road was at the parking lot of the shop. I immediately felt, pure joy. The rod loaded deeply and gave incredible feedback during the cast. It allowed me to keep nice, clean, and tight loops the entire time.

It was not until about a week later that I was able to fish the rod on the North Platte in Wyoming. With gusts of wind up to 60 mph the rod still proved to be a very superior make. Allowing for accurate casts, and being able to punch those fat streamers effortlessly. Loved it!


I paired the rod with the Hardy Ultralite DD 6000. The reel is a very beautiful, but more importantly it performed magnificently. Not only on this rod but with the fish as well. On the line pull, the drag reacted very smoothly and the same goes for reeling in line. This is a great reel for an amazing price and any angler would be happy to own one of these.” ~George

George, working out line and a double streamer rig with confidence and ease. Lots of fish end up stacking up below the damn and a great way to target them is to rip streamers in front of them. White seems to be a preferred color.

Hardy has really stepped up their game in the last two years and is making some wonderful gear for serious anglers.