Here is why I Love Boulder Creek

This is my home water; tread lightly, pick up trash and go barbless.
Catch and release is a given.
Click on Photos to enlarge….enjoy.
Rigging up to do some damage on the Creek.

In the low flows look for fish sitting up tight to structure, if not right under the current.

Often the creek is full of wildlife, Bears, Fox, Deer and a host of other creatures.
Here Partick checks out this little mule deer.

Fall is my favorite season the Browns in the creek get really aggressive and the colors of these wild fish are second to none.

Stealth is the number one concern when fishing low water, often single dries on light tippet are the ticket to finding fish, but dont over look streamers…or a mouse!
Distance from a hole is your friend, use your friends to your advantage.
Drag free is the only way to present a fly to hungry browns, sometimes that means doing whatever it takes.

My home pool, a three minute bike ride from my house to this sweet spot.

All these photos were taken today, the first of October with FRA’s guide Patrick, he knows Boulder Creek probably better than anyone else in the state.
Get out and Fish!
Photos by:
Russell Miller