High Water Alternatives

Here is one of my favorite patterns that I use for Wipers and Bass….Mr T

Thread: Danville 210 Flymaster Plus in olive and UTC Ultra 140 white.  Use the former to tie in the bead chain eyes, the olive top wing, and to whip finish.
Hook: TMC 8089 size 12
Eyes:  Bead chain size medium secured with super glue and topped with Tuffleye, an epoxy alternative, or epoxy.
Core Body: Saltwater Yak Hair in White plus 1/2 dozen strains of Spirit River Holo Flash tied in behind the eyes.  White bucktail can be used in place of the Yak.
Outer Body:  Hairline Baitfish Emulator Flash in Grey Ghost placed in a split thread dubbing loop and tied off behind the eyes. On the bottom the flash is trimmed flat and the sides are shaped
Wing:  Steve Farrar’s Flash Blend in wild olive or color to suit.  This other synthetic wing material may be used with or without flash.

If you can’t figure out Wipers take a run at Carp which are available almost anywhere.  Here is a 10 pounder caught on Friday of last week.