Hoppers and Beetles and Ants (Oh My)…

Recent cool temperatures could not have come at a better time for those of us lucky enough to hit a local river in recent weeks. At the beginning of August water temps of 65-70 were common, and with those temps afternoon fishing was slow at best. At worst it was potentially dangerous to fish that were caught during the warmest part of the day.

Enough of the doom and gloom, with daytime temps dipping into the high 60’s and night-time lows in the 40’s we’ve had a refreshing intervention in water temps and prime fishing windows, and it could not have come at a better season as fish have begun looking outside their river or stream for sustenance in the form of terrestrial insects. Hoppers, Beetles, Ants and all the Foam creatures that resemble them have been working well, from the City of Boulder to the high country tributaries in RMNP. If you like catching fish on big dries, this September promises to keep you busy. Here are a few must have bugs we reccomend and stock at FRA:

Hippy Stomper (Red, Black, Royal, Purple, and Pink)


Guide favorite at FRA, this pattern resembles a beetle but has that buggy impression that fish can’t resist. Anglers love it’s visability and ability to suspend tungsten headed droppers.

Foamulater Purple


Randall Kaufmans evolution of the Stimulater is a fantastic floater capable of supporting tungsten droppers or alone as a Stone or Hopper.

Charlie Boy Hopper and Baby Hopper (Green, Yellow, Tan)


A favorite everywhere, this fly started the Hopper, Copper, dropper craze in Colorado and has become the standard for any one wanting an unsinkable yet effective hopper. Cravens Baby Boys in Green are a fantastic early season option.

Amy’s Ant (Olive, Red)


Cutthroats love foam attractors, and Jack Dennis knows Cutthroats. Amy’s Ant is a good change up from the Chubby on Boulder Creek and a confidence fly in both Yellowstone and RMNP.

Morpho Flying Ant


A new pattern from our friends at Umpqua Feather Merchants has already proven itself deadly on our surrounding water. Trout love ants!

Chubby’s (Peacock, Black, Royal, Tan, Pink, Purple, Gold)


Chances are more fish in Boulder Creek are caught on a Chubby, than any other dry throughout the season. Its ability to support droppers combined with its visibility and effectiveness makes the chubby the Gangsta of the front range. We proudly stock this fly in seven flavors and as small as size 16 in some of those colors.

Yeager’s 409 Black


Jason Yeager designed a dandy beetle with this one and we find it to be very accommodating for those needing a fly that is easier to see in broken water. A fantastic pocket water producer! A new one for FRA in 2016, you might not have tried this one yet.


Come in and see these and many more great fall bait! If you want to learn more about how and where to fish these bugs locally, check out our guided trips going out every day!