Ice Out at Gross Reservoir – The First Day of Spring

The anticipation was killing me. I was tying new lake flies, checking in of Fish Explorer, just trying to find out when the ice would be breaking up. I heard that Gross was starting to crack and I had to go and see for myself. Fishing Ice Out has to be some of the easiest fishing that an angler can do. The old fish in a barrel saying has never been more true.

It was the first day of Spring and spending time outside on a beautiful Boulder day was a must. Took off from work a few minutes early and headed up the mountain. After I parked I ran down the hill and saw a whole cove rippling in the light breeze. I was even happier when I saw rising fish regularly in the shimmering water. Around the bend another 400 yards there was a significant chunk of open water up near the damn face. I felt like I was standing on the banks of eden. The best part, I was the only one there.

Stripping out line I could see my targets swimming around up in the first few feet of warm water. Five casts, five fish. Easy. None of them were too large between 10-14 inches, but they were plentiful and loved my fresh ties. As stupid as these fish were they wanted a specific retrieve on a SA Wet Tip Clear fly line. Cast it out as close to the ice shelf as possible, let is sit, and very slowly hand twist the lure back in, mixing in a few hard strips every five feet or so. This retrieve worked like a charm, they hit it damn near every cast.

So I got my fix in, but easy small dinks only hold a person over for so long. I still cant wait until Colorado’s South Park and North Park Reservoirs begin to crack and I get to drop flies in-front of huge fish!

It’s only a matter of time…..