In The Company of a Legend – Christmas Island

Thoughts from a week of fly fishing Christmas Island

For nearly three hours the view had been the same. The vast deep blue Pacific Ocean; acting as a backdrop to the occasional cloud passing below us. As our descent began so did the color change. Christmas Island came into focus outlined with emerald shelves and expansive turquoise flats. The grins Zach and I were both now wearing complimented the identical fishing shirts, pants, hats, glasses and shoes we had shown up to the airport in earlier. Needless to say, we were a comical sight for fellow travelers and flight attendants along the way.

Upon clearing customs and purchasing our fishing licenses it was clear we had reached mecca. Six vans made up the entire airport parking lot, every one equipped to carry fly rods. We were greeted at the Ikari House after a scenic drive across the island by the sounds of lapping waves and platters of shashimi. In a brief meeting that evening, it became evident that we were in the presence of some very talented guides. As it grew dark, a soft spoken gentleman shared with us the plan for the morning and what we could expect for the rest of the week. Moana would be our guide for three of the six days. We retired to our rooms after dinner to rig rods for the upcoming day. The excitement for the upcoming day was building with every piece of gear unpacked. I didn’t sleep that first night.

4:30am finally blew its whistle and we were on our feet in no time. Fishing was on our mind but the smell of eggs, bacon, and sausage always get the best of me. Zach and I blurted out advice to each other over and over, obviously reminding ourselves more than anything. It became apparent we both had taken Bruce Chard’s saltwater presentation as the final word on catching fish in the salt. Thank god we paid attention.

Moana took us to Paris Flat that first morning, where both of us caught Bonefish on our first casts. Some would call that luck, and I wish I could chalk Zach’s performance up to that of luck. Throughout the week he was a machine. Bonefish, Bluefin Trevally, Triggers, Picaso Triggers, 80lb Giant Trevally, Milkfish; the list was diverse and backed with numbers.

The week carried on without a hitch. Every day was eye opening; a new flat, a slight breeze, and an array of species that would eat a fly and then show me my backing. Though the time passed quicker than it needed to, a blur of highlights are burned into my memory and on constant loop. Giant Trevally crashing schools of Milk Fish, Bonefish by the hundreds sitting in an outgoing tide like trout in a river, Moana spotting invisible fish that made but one mistake, Spinner Dolphins chasing our outrigger, the tails of Triggers slapping a hundred yards away and the pull of a GT with no intention of stopping are just the first that come to mind.

Want to experience Christmas Island for yourself?

We’ll be returning to Christmas Island as early as this February, with additional trips throughout 2015. Contact us to get your spot today!

Enjoy some of the memorable sights during our week of fly fishing Christmas Island!

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