Its good to have Options…..

The other day a group of us decided that we would go out and chase the ever elusive Wiper. Upon arriving at the reservoir we thought that everything was aligning because the wind was blowing out of the North. It had all the elements for making a hell of a day for Wipers.Winston Boron MX, and a SA Clear Wet Tip Express in hand I was ready for battle and to tie into the hardest hitting game fish in CO. Locked and loaded we head for the bank.

After starting to settle in, and making about 10 casts, all hell broke loose. The Wind picked up, from 10MPH to a cool 40MPH. At that point we had to call it a day. There is nothing like driving for an hour only to get your dreams crushed by 40MPH wind.

By the time I got back to Boulder the wind was still howling, but still had fishing on the brain. So I started thinking of a little pond that might have some shelter from the Wind. I grabbed my old trusty 3wt and headed out for some excitement. I soon found my self throwing a Stimmy and any B.H nymph to countless hungry panfish.

It’s always good to have a back up plan for days when you think the day will be a waste due to Wind.