January 29, 2011 Fly Tying Clinic 10:00 a.m. ~ 12:00 p.m.


Andrew Grillos began his career in the fly fishing world at a young age.  He first picked up a fly rod around age 10, started tying at age 14, and by age 16 was a production fly tyer.  He then chose his college based on the fishing surrounding Gunnison, Colorado and began working as a full time guide almost immediately after moving to Gunnison.  As his 9th year guiding is coming to a close he draws upon experience gained while guiding in Western Colorado, namely on the Gunnison River in the Black Canyon and on the countless rivers and streams in the Upper Gunnison basin.  Over the last 9 years Andrew has also had the pleasure of guiding for some of the top outfitters in Alaska, Chile, Argentina, and New Zealand.  Recognized as a Guide Ambassador for Simms, Andrew’s done a fair amount of product testing and development around the world.  As a Signature Fly Tier for Idylwilde Flies, Andrew’s unique fly designs are recognized and widely distributed.

Andrew’s fly designs are typically inspired by a desire to solve specific problems that he has encountered while guiding around the world.  Guiding clients that had a tough time following a large hopper as fish were taking the dropper was one motivation for the Sideshow Bob.  Getting tired of dealing with “buoyant” foam caddis patterns sinking after a couple fish was one motivation for the Bob Barker.  Take the El Camino: it’s a stonefly adult that remains buoyant and easy to see while riding low in the surface film.  Another extremely important part of Andrew’s fly designs is durability.  By taking advantage of synthetics like foam, rubber, and synthetic dubbings he’s created a number of flies that can catch fish all day long and not sink or fall apart.

To Andrew fun has always been priority number one with his guiding, fishing, and fly tying.  His hope is that his flies maximize angling time and effectiveness, resulting in a good day!