Kolanda’s Jigged Crawler Nymph

Crawler nymphs are in many western streams. These nymphs are usually Green Drakes (Ephemera), Flavs, and Drunella sp. This fly imitates a variety of crawler nymphs and should be a staple in your fly box, especially in Summer when the green drakes are hatching.
Materials Hook: Umpqua C400 BL https://bit.ly/2Lo43UZ
Bead: Slotted Tungsten https://bit.ly/2zvJWS6
Thread: Veevus Thread https://bit.ly/3dmQwZK
Hot Spot: Hot Orange Veevus Thread https://bit.ly/3dmQwZK
Tail: Coq de Leon https://bit.ly/3c2KooX
Body: Natural Turkey https://bit.ly/3dGECtN
Legs: India Hen https://bit.ly/35TjvC0
Wingcase: Microlon https://bit.ly/3cf0snX