Labor Day Fishing Report – Diamond Lake

So this past weekend was “officially” the end of summer. It sure feels that way today in Boulder with gray skies and a bit of rain. Its sad to think about all the things that I had put on my mental tick list that I never got a chance to do. Fishing more in the High Country was at the top of that list. Since my family was in from out of town and wanted to see the mountains, I suggested a hike before throwing some Salmon on the grill in the afternoon.

Diamond Lake shown like a beacon on the map as I scouted for lakes that would offer great scenery for the family, a moderate hike, and descent fishing opportunities for me. A 2.4 mile hike in and ~870 foot elevation gain got us up to the lake in more than ideal conditions. I strung up my rod and began casting small bead head Aggravator Princes to the cutties that call the lake home.

A nice cutthroat tries to resist the inevitable.

Although descent size 10-14″ these fish were snakes. I moved over to dries when I saw the caddis begin to pop off and the fish key into the surface. I landed a few more fish and on the walk back to the picnic before I popped one more fish. A nice Brook fat brookie to finish off my power hour on Diamond Lake.

Looks like the Brookies are getting ready for the fall. The colors were amazing.

The surface of the lake was covered in various types of food. Picking the wrong fly was hard.

Jessie locked and loaded for a few high country fish.

I hope that everyone enjoyed their summer and got to do at least half of what you had dreamed Summer 2011 would bring you.

If you did not cross off enough of your list, not to worry. This fall should be the best fishing we have seen in quite some time better get ready and clear your schedule.