Lactose Dreaming — Cheeseman

From the first time I set foot in Cheeseman Canyon I instantly fell in love. Walking in from the Gill Trail and seeing the mighty platte snake through the boulder filled valley is a sight that evokes the same feelings time and time again. Cheeseman is the premier distnation for front range anglers who want a shot at smart wild trout in a setting that most anglers spend a lifetime trying to find.

In big water (flows over 600 cfs) to the bare bone flows of winter (of >40 cfs) the energy of the river remains constant with its granite blobs deep runs and huge pocket water. This spring the flows have been averaging around 500 cfs and water has even been spilling over the top of the dam, which means warm water. Warm water in turn brings epic hatches of Caddis, combine this with high flows that push large fish out from their lairs and you have lots of big fish suspending and willing to eat a dry.

I walk the same crunchy trail time and time again moving quietly and confidently along the banks of the river that I feel at home on. Each fish that comes to hand is a gift because each day and each moment is different; one moment there is a frenzy and the next there is empty space in the day. Its a warm welcome coming into Cheeseman a homecoming if you will here I feel at ease and a part of this place. No matter what the flow, the time of day, or the color of the water there are big eager fish waiting, resting and gearing up for the next hatch.