Lake Fly Tying Bender

Last night I got on some sort of tying bender. I just picked up a fresh pack of Dohiku Streamer Hooks in preparation for ice out on the big reservoirs and a all lake Team USA Qualifier down in New Mexico. What set this bender in motion? Perhaps it was the ever growing list of, to do’s that I wanted to ignore for the night. It may have also had something to do with the fact that my lake box has not be re-stocked since last spring. None the less I tied up the whole pack of hooks and then some, in a variety of my favorite color schemes.

I have to say that this morning I feel good. Not like a typical bender where the next morning you feel physical pain and utter regret. Tying benders tend to be far less draining on a person.

Tonight its time to hit the list of to-do’s and then tie up a few more that I missed.