Larry’s Latest Creation

Olive Dredgemerger
By: Larry O Jurgens
Hook: TMC 2457, TMC 2487, TMC 2488 or TMC 2488H
Sizes: 12 ~ 22
Thread: Olive UTC 70
Tail: Medium Pardo Coq de Leon Tailing Barbules
Abdomen: Olive, UTC Ultra Wire (Size, Tyers Choice)
Wingcase and Wing Buds: Black Float Vis
Thorax: Brown Olive Superfine Dubbing
Head: Brown Olive Cyclops Bead, Sized To Hook
Other: Zap CA+ Super Glue and Hard as Hull “HaH” Head Cement

This pattern works well for emerging Caddis and Baetis/Blue Wing Olives when tied in the appropriate sizes. I tie Caddis patterns in sizes 12~18 and Baetis/Blue Wing Olives in sizes 18~22 with Black or Brown Olive Bead.
It also works well for a “searching” pattern when nothing discernible is hatching.
I fish this pattern several different ways, by itself, or with 2 different sizes (the smallest as the dropper) and as a dry and dropper setup.

Step – Tying Instructions
1 – Slide bead onto the hook shank to behind the hook eye.
2 – Start the thread behind the bead.
3 – Tie in the tail material and wrap a smooth thread base partway down the
hook shank. Tail length equals the hook gape.
4 – Return the thread to behind the bead wrapping a smooth thread base.
5 – Use a bodkin to apply a thin coat of super glue to the thread base.
Note: Be careful to not to get the super glue on the tail fibers.
6 – Tie in the abdomen wire behind bead. Insert the wire end into the bead

before tying in.
7 – Wrap the abdomen wire partway down the hook bend covering the

thread base. Break the wire on the underneath side of the hook shank.
8 – Optional: Coat the abdomen with “HaH” for durability.
9 – Select a pencil lead sized bunch of the wingcase/wing buds material.

Tie in behind the bead and overwrap to the end of the thorax area.
10 – Dub a thorax to behind the bead.
Note: The thorax should be the same width and thickness as the bead.
11 – Pull the wingcase over the thorax are and tie in with 2~3 wraps.
12 – Divide the fibers in front of the hook eye and fold back for the wing buds.
Note: The wing buds should be on the sides of the wingcase, not on the

hook shank sides like legs.
Trim the wing buds shorter than the abdomen (length is tyers choice).
13 – Whip-finish using a minimum number of wraps.
14 – Optional: Apply 2 coats of “HaH” to the wingcase and/or to the abdomen

for durability.