Lightning Round

One of the best things about being a fishaholic is that all the gifts you give somehow involve fishing or being on the water. This father’s day was no different for me; I gave my dad a weekend of camping and high county trout fishing. This weekend he redeemed his gift and we loaded up the car and drove up above Idaho Springs. From there we headed west out of the small town of Alice and up into the wilderness of Colorado.

After loading up backpacks we hiked the few miles up to Lake Caroline where the ice had just begun to break at 11,800 feet. Fishing the south east shore was a blast, it’s just too bad that the afternoon storms came early and proceeded to stick around the rest of the afternoon.

Running down steep rock gardens, snow fields, and even down a small feeder stream was all we could do to avoid the lightning that was striking surrounding ridges. There was a small enough window of perfect weather to do some fishing, talking and exploring around this beautiful little lake. That night the clouds broke as we sat under clear skies soaking in the heat of a bubbly hot tub, this was an attempt to jump start the internal heaters that froze after getting rained on for the better part of a day.

The next morning we set off to explore the Square Top Lakes above Georgetown off Guanella Pass. I had heard rumors of scud fed Greenbacks living there, that’s all it took to get my attention. The backdrop of Mt Evans made for a scenic hike as we headed up to 12,160 ft chasing after some Greenbacks. These were healthy, large, and very well educated fish that made for fun targets. And like clockwork around 1:30 the storms came in and put an end to what was a great weekend of spending some quality time with Dad. This is yet another reason why being a fishaholic is not a bad thing, but instead something that adds a mile marker on the trip of life.