Looking for Close in Tarpon

Yesterday morning we were looking for Tarpon in canals and ponds around Fort Myers that were not on private property (hard to do) we found several on Golf Courses but we looked overly suspicious without any golf clubs.  One member of our exploratory group refused to carry a bag of clubs and act like a caddy for to two eccentric “golfers” attired is fishing garb.

In the end we found several Canals in Fort Meyers that had been scouted earlier in the month.  The secrete for this area was there had to a fresh water flow into the saltwater water section.  The previous day we received four inches.  A month ago Pete had seen 40-inch Jacks, large Tarpon and Snook.  Upon arrival we saw some huge Snook (one had to be over 50-inches with an 18-inch diameter head).

We caught the tail end of the feeding binge because the tide was dropping quickly.  After finding a spot where I had some chance of landing a fish I saw a group of tarpon headed in my direction.  I hooked up on the lead fish.  It was about four feet and weighed around 30-pounds.

We landed a few smaller Snook and then fished the lee side of Sanibel in the evening at low tide… 5 fish with one at 28-inches

The remnants of the tropical storm and SE winds continue to plague fly fishermen on the beaches