Lost World of Mr Hardy

THIS VIDEO segment is from The Lost World of Mr. Hardy (TrufflePig Films, DVD, 97 minutes), by Andy Heathcote and Heike Bachelier. The film documents the remarkable history of the people and inspiration behind the hand-made rods and reels that established Hardy’s as the first high-end fly tackle manufacturer in the world. As founder J.J. Hardy said at the end of the 19th century, “Only the best is good enough for fishermen.” This beautifully made film traces the history of Hardy’s from its small 1873 beginnings in a small shop in northern England to its modern incarnation as a company that outsources its manufacturing to China, and it asks the question: Is there a way to retain the values central to fine craftsmanship in an age of globalization?

Partially as a result of this film, Hardy & Greys decided that it was important to manufacture some of its tackle in Alnwick, England. The Hardy Perfect reel, cane rods, and Angel2 rods are now produced there, and the new St. George Salmon and Perfect Salmon reels will be produced in England as well.