Luck ‘o’ de Irish – So Far So Good!

Happy St Patties Day, tough to complain when its a sweltering 70 degrees out and not a cloud on the horizion. On a day like this have a beverage of choice and grab a dry fly and catch the huge midge hatch that has been blowing up on the creek lately.

I finally got a chance to get out and fish Boulder Creek for a bit last night after work. Pulled into the Justice Center parking lot at 5:15 and headed down to the river with my 7.5 3wt strung up with a single size 18 parachute Adams and proceeded to kill it. I worked up a few great little runs and hit any slick water and the tail-out of the riffles with great success. I mean it was typical BC with many of the browns under 8 inches, but I had one nice rainbow that was 12″ that decided to eat a drowned dry on a bad drift.

By the time the sun had left the river and I was done fishing the time read 7:20! I love daylight savings time and the warm weather that we have been experiencing.

Its not too late now, Get Out and FISH!