Lunch time Hot Spot – Boulder Creek

With the weather as good as it has been here in Boulder, the mid 50’s for the past few days, I thought I would take my lunch down at the creek. What better place to go than Eben G Fine Park at the mouth of the canyon. This is a great spot to throw a nymph rig or some dry dropper combos. I saw plenty of size 22 midges coming off, but no risers.

An average size BT up at the mouth of the canyon.

I settled on my nymph rig with a heavy tungsten brown rubber legged nymph sz 16 with a small midge pattern off the tag. Believe it or not all but one fish ate the large sz 16 nymph. Just goes to show that winter time does not just have to be about the smallest flies. You can still throw 4x and some sizable flies.

A little shelf ice, but all the good water was open.

This is the perfect stretch to work through in an hours time. The kayakers course has sculpted plunge pools that do not lock up, unless it gets really cold out. All the fish push up, right under fastwater and are eagerly awaiting fly offerings. The course is the perfect length to hit each pool, catch a few fish, do a little people watching, then get back to work. Did I mention that waders are not required to fish this either?

A solitary angler works the top of the rope swing hole.

I know that the weather is about to change for folks here in Boulder, but I have to say that Boulder Creek was fishing very well for being January 10th. Cant wait to get out and do it again.

Till the next warm spell.