Make A Difference in Sport Fishing for Tarpon

In August of 2014, join FRA owner Steve McLaughlin, Adam Marton, Midwesterntarpon enthusiast and conservationist, Jerry Ault, acclaimed Marine Biologist, and the legendary Stu Apte, author, tarpon guru, holder of over 44 World Records and inductee of the Fishing Hall of Fame at the famous El Pescadore Lodge in Belize.  Our objective is to satellite tag and release adult fish that are migrating to the Long Key region so that scientists from the University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science can study global movements, habitat, and behavior of these fish.
FRA is excited offer up to a number of limited spots in one of two fishing and information gathering expeditions.
 The data collected will ultimately be used to assist fisheries managers, anglers and government officials from around the globe to make even more intelligent decisions about how to properly manage tarpon populations. Lessons learned from expeditions like this are the cornerstone in ensuring our children’s children will have the opportunity to enjoy the Silver King for generations to come.
Adam Marton has designed this expedition to enhance an understanding of Tarpon.  Participants will return home with more than fishing stories and hero shots. When fishing is over, you can participate in workshops and seminars offered to enhance your skills and knowledge about the fascinating world of the tarpon.  Simply put the program is part liquid laboratory, part seminar, part world class fishing trip.
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