Mid-January Warmup

Scott on the hunt. Finding fish and presenting the fly directly in front of them was the key.

With this recent unseasonably warm weather (we’re going to be flirting with 70 on Wed. in Denver) a few of us from the shop decided to see how the Deckers area was fishing. We were streamside by 9:30 a.m. and even with the warm weather, it was still chilly assembling our gear. For the first hour the prime fishing real estate was based more on how much sun we could bask in, not how fishy the water looked. While we didn’t set any records for number of fish caught, all in all we didn’t have too bad of a day considering it was mid-January.

A colorful ‘bow that came to net on a small midge larvae.

While it looked as though we might get some fish looking up with the number of midges buzzing around, it turned out to be an all nymphing game. All of us were running some type of attractor such as an egg pattern up top with a tiny midge pattern trailing behind it. Olive seemed to be the color of choice, although a black UV Midge emerger in size 22 did pull a few fish as well.

We were surprised how many people showed up for being the middle of the week in the middle of January. I guess the nice weather has that effect…

So much for solitude by fishing mid-week!