Midwest Trout & Steel

Headed back to the midwest last week and had a chance to do some angling with my cousin Anthony. Anthony, an avid angler, took me to a few of his favorite spots in Wisconsin’s Driftless Area and famed Great Lakes tributaries. We had time to talk of old times and wander around like we did as little kids.
The Driftless Area is a one of a kind place with a lot of character. Rolling hills give way to beautiful pastures and spring creeks with suprising numbers of trout. Hitting undercut banks along these cow pastures with leeches seemed to really do the trick as we landed numbers of Brown, Rainbow, and Brook Trout.
After the Driftless Area, I finally got a chance to throw flies in Steelhead territory. My cousin Anthony really led the way with his Spey Rod (A beautiful instrument by the way), loosing two huge “Lake Run” fish before finally landing a chrome Steelhead bright enough to blind a man. Towards the end of the day, I had lost one big 10 lb buck. My cousin really did his homework though, and being the great fisherman he is, finally put a friend and I both on numerous fish. Steelhead really take you for a ride, with numerous long runs and high leaps. If you haven’t had a chance to battle with one, you need to.
The Midwest can truly “represent” and the fishing is nothing short of phenomenal. If you ever get out there, get together with an avid fisherman and great things can happen.