Must Have Pattern for Rocky Mountain National Park

At our fly tying clinic this weekend Rick Takahashi reminded me of a fly I haven’t used for a while, the black fly larva.  This can be absolutely deadly on many Colorado streams and especially in Rocky Mountain National Park.  It’s very easy to tie and should be in your flybox.  Rick’s recipe was:

Hook:  Dohiku
Size 16 to 20
Thread 12/0 Orvis white
Body: Natural latext strip colored with a marker olive green (top& sides).  Coated with U/V Knot Sense fromn Loon
Head: Dark brown (color thread)
Note: Extra bulk in the rear body area

My rendition in the picture above has the following modifications
Hook: TMC 2487 any scud hood with a reasonable gap will work
Thread: Lagartun X-Strong 74D white
Body: Top of the body has been darkened further with a brown pen.  The strips came from a cream colored surgical glove liberated from Boulder Medical Center.  The body was coated with Tuffleye
Head: Rust colored marker

The actual picture of the larva is from Jason Neuswanger’s troutnut.com site….click here to see his pictures which will give you a good perspective on the size and shape.