New Fly Tying Materials & Tying Techniques … March 17, 2012 Clinic

Paul Prentiss Fishing for Taimen in the Dahar Valley of Northern Mongolia
I thought we would do a session on new materials, tools and special techniques to improve your fly tying.  
I started bending feathers chicken feathers (the stuff you pick up off the floor orf a hen house) when I was 12 years old living in New York  That was some 56 years ago.  In those days there were no books, videos, and/or clinics.  There were two ways to learn – buy fllies from Herter’s Mail Order company at $.15 to $.20 each and take them apart or learn by watching someone you knew or could find….I did a little of both.
Today the opportunities to become proficient and secure wonderful materials are way beyond anything I could have imagined 25 years ago.
Stop by and I’ll teach you a few tricks and show you some interesting products.